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Oven Cleaning

We are known for our cheap cleaning services, one of the most popular of which are our oven cleaning solutions. We can be booked for one-time or regular jobs in Chicago.

We’ll make your oven as good as new

Single, double, electric or gas ovens – there is no appliance that we can’t clean. We can be hired not only by domestic clients but also by business and commercial customers in Chicago. Once we arrive on the spot, we can provide you with an on-site estimate. Our staff diligently completes every single stage of the oven cleaning process, which basically consists of:

  • Careful inspection of the appliance
  • Application of health-friendly cleaning products
  • Removal of the oven’s liners and racks so that they can be washed separately
  • Cleaning all stains, grime, food debris and built-up carbon

When we finish, your appliance will be squeaky-clean and it will look like brand new. Its performance will also improve because we will remove all the grime that has been preventing it from heating the food quickly and equally. Since we will eliminate any carbon deposits from its service, the appliance will no longer smoke or smell without a reason.

Our cleaners are the best

Oven cleaningWe, at Lorie Lester, work only with properly trained and highly experienced professionals. That is why we carefully screen our employees before hiring them. Our big team consists only of experts who possess excellent interpersonal skills, an eye for detail, the determination to work hard and the ambition to constantly improve the quality of the services they provide. The company’s oven cleaners are also incredibly flexible and will come to your home in a time that is most convenient to you. They work in a time-efficient and quiet manner and can bring back the shine even of professional and commercial ovens. Therefore, even if you hire them during the work day they will not disturb your peace or be in your way.

Chicago is located on Lake Michigan, in Illinois. The city occupies a territory of about 234 square miles and it consists of 77 community areas and over 200 neighborhoods. Even though New York City and Los Angeles are each twice as big as the Windy City, Chicago continues to be the third largest metropolitan area in the United States. Today, there are almost 2.72 million people who live in the city. In contrast, Chicago’s population used to be 3.38 million in the 1950s.