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About Us

Lorie Lester is among the leading home cleaning businesses in the Chicago. Established a few years ago, the company has successfully managed to establish a strong presence in Chicago, as well as to develop an impressive selection of services. Clients certainly value us as a brand since the reviews they give us are always excellent.

We combine affordability with high quality

One of our main priorities is to offer our Chicago customers premium quality at a reasonable price. To achieve that, we have provided our qualified and competent cleaners with an easy access to modern and reliable equipment and eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Nevertheless, our prices remain competitive because Lorie Lester provides:

  • Personalized quotes
  • Free estimates
  • Low regular prices

Our customers do not even need to spend money on cleaning products and equipment, as our crews will bring all of that with them.

Diligent and vetted cleaners

The experts that work for us are incredibly motivated and attentive. They have a friendly disposition and are very likable. Most importantly, each of our employees is properly trained, greatly experienced and has:

  • Extensive experience in the industry
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • The desire to reach new heights in their work
  • Professional qualification and certification

To get more information about our services, pricing and company policy, get in touch with our consultants.